Guys, look, I’m in a smalltime music vidya!  I’m the one with the colorful backpack and the supah-long blonde hair.  They filmed it at my school, so I got to be an extra.  

Also, note the reaaaaally high quality special effects at the part with the trashcan.

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Mr Tree on Flickr.


Mr Tree on Flickr.

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The night sky hangs above us like a reminder of something we cannot quite comprehend.

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Good lawdz.

  • Hunter: bgh
  • jyujgh\
  • gffty
  • fdh
  • I think my video camera is broke
  • Maggie: OMGWWAT
  • double w gtfo
  • Why do you think that,abebe?
  • omg
  • ---babe
  • Hunter: It won't play back video and a screw randomly fell out of it
  • Maggie: O.O
  • Oh dear.
  • Hunter: ;-;
  • Maggie: Sweet talk it.
  • Hunter: Jesus must hate me
  • Hunter has gone ashore.

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heard “i whip my hair back and forth” (or whatever it’s called) on the radio FOUR TIMES today


me the first time it came on: 

second time: 

third time:

fourth time:

/cool story bro

Oh my God.

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Where are you now?

A gentle sort of question.  One that takes a gentle sort of voice to speak it.  Soft.  A voice seeking an answer that may not be quite as positive as the asker might hope.

Where will you be very soon?

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