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I am stretching myself out in a gooey moment of pure languidity.

The noun form of “languid” is technically supposed to be “languidness”, but fuck that.  Why is languidity not a word?

But really, though.  Don’t you ever just take a look around a second of your life and get some certain word stuck inside of your head?  One that just seems to flawlessly describe that single moment in time?  And it’ll repeat itself over and over again, in your head, like an embarrassing memory, or a catchy song?  That happens to me, on occasion, and now is one of those.  It’s just that the quintessence of this moment, right now, takes the shape of the word “languid”, and therefore, it is re-speaking itself in my head, on a ceaseless loop.  Which is why I am just stretching myself out in this gooey moment of pure languidity, and soaking it up.  Even though languidity isn’t a word.  :|

Oh and on a side but semi-related note:  isn’t languid just a fucking awesome word?  It’s one of those words that sounds like it ought to.  Like doesn’t the word “languid” just sound languid?  Isn’t just a languid-sounding word?  I thought so.

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I forget what a goof I am. And then I see myself on video.

And then I’m like “Wow, Maggie, you just said ‘like’ fifteen times in one sentence.”  ”Did you really just sing that word?”  ”What kind of metaphor was that?”  ”Seriously, dog, people probably think you’re high every second of every day, what are you even saying.”

But then I’m just like

Le fin. 

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As I wait for your call, I fix myself a cup of tea.

I lean over the stove, above my freezing feet, and I set a kettle full of equally-as-icy water upon the red, hot coils of the burner.  As I wait for your call, and for the kettle to heat up, I look up, and out the window, to the dark of Winter’s five o’ clock, and I see the flicker of the porch light of the man across the street.  I figure he is waiting for his wife to come home, as I am waiting your call, and for the kettle to heat up, and I wonder how long we will wait here together.  

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